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Skilled Professionals

SG Quest is dedicated to connecting top talents with extraordinary opportunities, bridging the gap between our valued clients and candidates. We provide comprehensive recruitment services to meet the unique needs of organisations across various industries. Our expertise lies in sourcing, screening, and presenting highly qualified candidates who align with our clients' requirements and organisational culture. Partner with SG Quest now to access exceptional talents, streamline your hiring process, and find the perfect fit for the success of your organisation!

Hospitality & Services Professionals

Being a professional working in the hospitality & services industry requires dedication, excellent problem-solving skills, outstanding organisational skills in addition to having job knowledge.


The common duties and responsibilities include providing excellent customer service and ensuring guest satisfaction, assisting guests on concierge service with various requests, managing front desk operations, ensuring cleanliness and maintaining a tidy and comfortable environment, assisting with event coordination, providing attentive and efficient food and beverage service, handling guest complaints or challenging situations, and identifying opportunities to upsell and generate revenue.

Maintenance Professionals

The job responsibilities of a maintenance professional can vary depending on the specific industry and company.


Some common duties and responsibilities of a maintenance professional include performing routine maintenance tasks, addressing and resolving maintenance requests or work orders, repairing and troubleshooting, maintaining accurate records of maintenance activities, developing and implementing scheduled maintenance programs to prevent breakdowns or equipment failures, conducting equipment or system upgrades, monitoring inventory and ordering supplies, and adhering to maintenance schedules

Medical Laboratory Professionals

There is a diverse range of positions within a clinical laboratory, and the different roles may vary from location and the kind of work setting. The main elements to a clinical laboratory team include the laboratory director, technical and general supervisors, scientists, technologists, and technicians.


In addition, there are also people who manage the operations in a laboratory. While these professionals may not be running tests on samples, most of them will have already acquired training and experience in the technical aspects of the laboratory, and play significant roles in ensuring that the laboratory runs efficiently.

Production Professionals

Production professionals are skilled workers who assist in keeping production flowing by checking product quality through the monitoring of machinery. They operate and clean factory equipment and work on an assembly line, putting together products with great care to meet all safety guidelines.


These skilled workers are responsible for feeding raw materials into machinery, assembling goods on production lines, and monitoring the process at the same time. They also carry out basic quality checks such as testing of product or packaging, often working closely with other production staff to check for defects in products and assemble them by a set deadline.

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