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Domestic Helpers

SG Quest sets a new standard for domestic helper services! With our fresh approach and dedication to top-notch quality, we are not just a service – we are your go-to partner for upgrading households with top-tier support!


With connections to around 20 maid agencies in Singapore, we have the resources to find the right fit for every situation!


Wide Selection

Our talent pool is not just vast – it is a vibrant tapestry of skills and experiences! From seasoned caregivers to meticulous housekeepers, we have got a diverse range of domestic helpers ready to match every household's unique needs!

Quality Assurance

We do not just pick helpers – we curate the best! Through a meticulous screening process, including background checks, skill assessments, and interviews, we ensure that every candidate is not just suitable but exceptional!


Personalised Matching

We believe in the magic of perfect matches. Our team works closely with your agency to understand your clients' needs, ensuring that every placement is not just suitable but truly harmonious.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment does not end with a placement. From pre-departure orientations to ongoing training and assistance, we are dedicated to fostering long-lasting, fulfilling relationships between helpers and employers.


Clear Communication

Transparency is not just a buzzword – it is our foundation. We keep the lines of communication open, providing regular updates and prompt responses to ensure that everyone is always on the same page.

Discover the power of exceptional domestic helper recruitment!

Reach out today for unmatched solutions!

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